Crystal Pyramid Therapies

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    All therapies £45.00 for initial treatment with consultation.
    £35.00 for subsequent treatments.
    Concessions Available.
    To book your treatment or to enquire
    about a training course please contact :

    Barbara Collins

    Home visits available locally to Guildford, Surrey.

    Telephone : 01483 233747

  • ACHO AP :
    Affiliation of Crystal Healers Organisation

    Member of AOR :

    Member of I.P.T.I.
    (Independent Professional Therapists International)

    Master Reiki Practitioner
  • Reflexology, acupressure and therapeutic foot massage have been practised for thousands of years and the benefits are well documented. The fact that our feet connect to the earth and that earth energies inform many of our senses, is an important aspect of this therapy. Drawing upon earth’s energy and re-connecting to this latent sense, lost over the centuries since we have worn footwear, I bring in the subtle energies of crystals with Reflexology. Every slight change in temperature, terrain and vibration through the feet was understood and informed our reactions, particularly in fight or flight scenarios. To enhance your treatment crystals may be applied in various ways to the reflex points. This technique has been developed by me to facilitate a gentle response promoting positive healing energies.

    What is Reflexology?
    Reflexology works on reflex points, usually in the feet, to restore balance and harmony to the body. The body’s organs are mirrored in the feet and any congestion and tensions within can be released with this gentle therapy.

  • Can Reflexology help me?

    Reflexology is effective for many ailments and can be used to restore the natural equilibrium of the body.

    For example it can ease:
    Back pain - Migraine - Arthritis - Sleep disorders - Hormonal imbalances - Digestive disorders - Stress related disorders

    Reflexology does not claim to cure, but will work with you in helping to create balance in the bodily systems.

  • History of Reiki

    Reiki is a generic word in Japan to describe many types of healing.Although this form of Reiki evolved by Buddhist, Dr. Mikao Usui, it is widely believed to be religiously neutral using universal spiritual energy.

    ~ ~ also known as ‘The Healing Touch’. ~~

    Reiki treatments are gentle and non intrusive giving relaxation,

    relieving pain and aiding you to regain optimum energy.

  • The Five Principles of REIKI.

    ~ Just for today do not worry ~
    ~ Just for today do not anger ~
    ~ Honour your parents, teachers and elders ~
    ~ Earn your living honestly ~
    ~ Show gratitude for everything ~

  • Crystal Therapy uses the subtle energies of minerals to restore balance.
    Each crystal has its own constant energy that can enable the body to re-align when placed on and around the person.Crystals Allow the elemental forces of nature to infuse your aura with gentle energies – creating a therapeutic healing space to effect balance and harmony to the body - crystals work at all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual.
    Crystals are laid on and around you on the couch whilst you relax with gentle music.

  • Some crystal connections:
    • Crystals for protection
    Black Tourmaline – Fluorite – Smoky Quartz

    • Crystals to bring balance and facilitate healing
    Ocean Jasper – Apatite – Clear Quartz

    • Crystals to create a tranquil healing space
    Rose Quartz – Cathedral Quartz - Selenite

    • Crystals to re-awaken a connection with earth’s energy
    Tiger’s Eye – Hematite – Mahogany Obsidian – Smoky Quartz

    • Crystals for spiritual connection
    Amethyst – Azeztulite -Celestite

    • Crystals for grounding and centreing
    Tiger Iron –Brown Jasper – Black Tourmaline

 Please enquire for personalised agendas.


One Day Workshop

Crystal Therapies Practitioner Course (IPTI)
Full training as a Holistic Crystal Therapist includes understanding crystals and mineral energies,
how to use crystals, wands, pendulums and stones in a crystal therapy treatment. Learn how to balance Chakras, Auras, Meridians, and many different crystal grids.
Working in small groups you will practice many different techniques and participate in meditations with crystals and crystal journeying to
greater knowledge of their energies and to enhance your own development. You will be introduced to making your own Gem Waters and essences,
in a safe and supportive environment. All equipment and crystals will be available for the training sessions. Just bring yourself and a notebook!
Comprehensive workbooks will be given for each section of training and run over ten weekends on either a Saturday or Sunday
Full Cost of the course is  £600.00 payable in ten instalments of £60.00.
Taking names for the 2020 Course now starting January date tba !
.Enquiries to Barbara 
01483 233747  - 07747 776773


'Pyramid Energies Workshop'
Experience pyramid energy and healing grids!

'Ancient Healing Stones of the British Isles'
09.30 - 4.00pm

Using stones from the British Isles we will explore the sacred healing and protection rites of our ancestors!

with meditations Stone/crystal grids and lots of practical experience throughout the day.







Reflexology Training
Practitioner Certificate - I.P.T.I.

Four full days of tuition and practice £240.00

Anatomy & Physiology Certificate required plus case-studies to be undertaken
and a workbook to be completed before certificates are issued.
(separate one-day Therapists' A & P course is available)

Please call to book your place 01483 233747

 'Anatomy & Physiology' Certificate and current First Aid Certificate are required before qualification is achieved.

Independent Professional Therapists International (I.P.T.I) Practitioner Certificate awarded following completion of case studies, 
work-books and evidence of A&P plus First Aid.
Please call to book a place or for more information
Barbara 01483 233747


One Day CRYSTAL Workshops

£55.00 per person for each day.
(minimum attendees: two per day – maximum number six people per day)

Crystal Therapy techniques - each day can be designed for your own requirements - please ask!

All courses 10:00 to 16:00 in Guildford, Surrey.
(Arrive from 09.30)
Tea, Coffee, Herbal teas and soft drinks provided
Bring Your Own Lunch!
(Usually held on Saturdays but if two or more people are interested, other days by arrangement)'

Workshop:   'Quartz  - Master Healer' 
'Introducing you to crystal energy and crystal therapy in an experiential day of participation

A crystal meditation is included. Focus on Quartz energies and applications.

Workshop: 'Introduction to Crystal Energies and Dowsing'  

Introduction to Crystal Energy + Dowsing arrive 09.30 for 10.00 until 4.00pm
A chance to learn about crystals and basic dowsing techniques with pendulums and divining rods
This course includes a chakra meditation and chakra balancing using crystals and a pendulum.


Practitioner Course:  Reflexology Training

One Day Therapist's Anatomy & Physiology Course.

WORKSHOP: 'Crystals Enhance Reflexology'
Reflexologists learn techniques easily adapted to enhance your treatments with crystal wands and smooth tumble stones.
Crystal Therapists learn crystal techniques on foot reflexes.

WORKSHOP: Introduction to 'CHAKRAS and AURAS'

Learn about the energy centres and crystal balancing for Chakras and the subtle body system. 

*A selection of wands, crystals and pendulums will be available to purchase however.
*all equipment is supplied during each day’s workshop







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